• The Process of Making a Live Edge Table

    A live edge table embraces the unique, organic shape of the wood. Typically, when logs are cut into slabs, the natural edges of the wood underneath the bark are removed to form straight edges. Alternatively, a live edge slab is a wood slab in which the edge of curvature is not sawn, in order to preserve the natural, raw look of the wood. Live edge wood can be used in many different ways to bring a rustic, one-of-a-kind look to furniture. For example, two live edge slabs can be combined and their gap filled with resin or epoxy to make a beautiful, unique river table. Although live edge tables possess a very natural appearance, they are very carefully preserved, often with a natural finish, so they are durable, safe, and built to last.

  • Counter Height White Distressed Ash Table

    Check out this custom counter height table! The customer for this dining table chose an ash tabletop and a white distressed base. The ash table top was finished with a grey slate stain.
  • Sycamore and Walnut C Tables with Thin Metal

    This set of custom c-tables with thin metal frames was a fun and unique idea that a customer came to us for. They were constructed using quartersawn sycamore and a thin piece of walnut. The metal frames use a smaller size of steel, but have a more intricate design. 
  • Custom Grey Beige Modern Shaker Style Dining Table

    This solid ash wood shaker style dining table was constructed with modern, tapered legs. This custom dining table measurers 72"L x 36"W x 30"T. It ...
  • Custom Solid Ash Wood Mirror

    This custom solid ash mirror was designed to coordinate with a custom sofa table that the customer had previously purchased from our shop. This mir...
  • Extra Large Oversized Walnut Wood Walnut

    Extra Large Oversized Walnut Wall Clock - Check out our largest clock yet! This solid hardwood walnut clock measurers 48" in diameter. It is designed to be a feature home decor piece in your home on a large wall or above a fireplace mantle.
  • Photographing some huge, 54" wide maple slabs

    Measuring and photographing some beautiful live edge slabs. These slabs were salvaged from a huge soft maple trunk. They measure between 36" to 54" wide.
  • Choosing Your Metal Finish

    Powdercoating your metal products not only looks great, but it provides a a long-lasting, resistant finish. Powdercoat (or powder coat) is a high quality finish found on many household items. It provides a more durable finish compared to liquid paints, but it offers the same attractive appearance. Products finished with a powdercoat finish are more resistant to scratches, abrasion, fading, and other wear issues. 
  • Overland Jeep Life with Hazel Oak Farms

      Hazel Oak Farms' Amazon Storefront Links: Smittybilt Overlander Tent Smittbilt Overlander Tent XL (as seen in photo) Goal Zero Solar Panel LED ...
  • Personalized Letter Clock

    Check out this unique build! Not only does this custom wall clock feature a personalized letter using a walnut inlay, but it only showcases a uniqu...
  • Custom Commercial Conference Table

    This custom commercial conference table set was fabricated for a local company to use in their primary corporate meeting space. The conference tabl...
  • Spalted Hackberrry Dining Table

    Spalted hackberry is such a unique wood, and we were excited to work with this customer on a custom dining table using this wood type!

    Spalted hackberry is a rare wood type found here Iowa and other parts of North America. The heartwood has a light brown appearance, and the sapwood has a light yellow undertone. The "spalting", or dark grey lines, are caused by a fungus that naturally occurs in the hackberry tree.