Choosing Your Wood Type and Finish

We offer a wide array of wood types and stain options for your project. Every type of wood has unique characteristics. Below is a small sample of different types of wood and stain choices that we currently offer. For specific questions about wood types, please contact us directly. 

Price $$$$$

Great option for a durable hardwood with beautiful wood grain. Available in 1" and 2" thicknesses. Takes stain easily and consistently.
Ash - Ash Grey Ash - Black Ash - Charcoal Ash - Intense Grey Ash - Gris Beige
Ash Grey Black Charcoal Intense Grey Gris Beige
Ash - Chocolate Ash - Castle Brown Ash - Walnut Ash - Dark Oak Ash - Provincial
Chocolate Castle Brown Walnut Dark Oak Provincial

Ash - Pure Ash - Super White Ash - Odie's Oil Ash - Odie's Dark Ash - Cotton White
Pure Super White Odie's Oil Odie's Dark Cotton White

Ash - Citrine


Quartersawn White Oak 
Price $$$$

Beautiful hardwood with lots of character. Very stable for a hardwood because of the way it is cut. Lots of color variation in the grain. Available in 1" and 2" thickness.

Quartersawn White Oak - Charcoal Quartersawn White Oak - Black Quartersawn White Oak - Castle Brown Quartersawn White Oak - Intense Grey Quarter Sawn White Oak - Osmo White
Charcoal Black Castle Brown Intense Grey Osmo White
Quartersawn White Oak - Dark Oak Quartersawn White Oak - Odie's Dark Quartersawn White Oak - Odie's Oil Quatersawn White Oak - Ash Grey Quartersawn White Oak - Biscuit
Dark Oak Odie's Dark Odie's Oil Ash Grey Biscuit

Price $

Known for its knotty and inconsistent wood grain. On the soft side, but can be hardened up with the right topcoat. Good for many uses including wall hangings, table bases, etc. Available in 1", 1.5", and 2" thickness.
Pine - Charcoal Pine - Intense Grey Pine - Dark Walnut Pine - Classic Grey Pine - Gris Beige
Charcoal Intense Grey Dark Walnut Classic Grey Gris Beige
Pine - Provincial Pine - Ash Grey Pine - Pickled Oak Pine - Odie's Dark Pine - Cherry Coral
Provincial Ash Grey Pickled Oak Odie's Dark Cherry Coral 

Price $$$$$

Widely regarded as the most beautiful hardwood available. Dark brown natural color and light sapwood. Medium hardness. Most expensive.​ Available in 1" and 2" thickness.
Black Walnut - Odie's Oil Black Walnut - Oak Black Walnut - Pure Black Walnut - Intense Grey Black Walnut - Charcoal
Odie's Oil  Oak Pure Intense Grey Charcoal

Spalted Maple 
Price $$$$

Some of the most beautiful wood grain available. Very unique and rare. Supply is limited. On the softer side. Available in 1" thick and some 2" thick slabs.

 Spalted Maple - Charcoal Spalted Maple - Intense Grey Spalted Maple - Odie's Oil Spalted Maple - Unfinished
Charcoal Intense Grey Odie's Oil Unfinished

Price $$

Known for its extreme hardness and rustic looking wood grain. Some light colored sapwood is usually visible. Difficult to working with and inconsistent. Available in 1" thickness.


Hickory - Black Hickory - Charcoal HIckory - Chocolate Hickory - Intense Grey Hickory - Osmo White
Black Charcoal Chocolate Intense Grey Osmo White

HIckory - Dark Oak Hickory - Oak Hickory - Odie's Dark Hickory - Odie's Oil Hickory - Biscuit
Dark Oak Oak Odie's Dark Odie's Oil Biscuit

Quartersawn Sycamore 

Price $$$$

Known for its beautiful and unique wood grain. Doesn't take stain well, but looks great with just oil. Flat-sawn sycamore is also available.​ Available in 1" thick and limited 2" thick slabs. 
Quarter Sawn Sycamore - Black Quartersawn Sycamore - Charcoal Quarter Sawn Sycamore - Castle Brown Quarter Sawn Sycamore - Ash Grey Quartersawn Sycamore - Intense Grey
Black Charcoal Castle Brown Ash Grey Intense Grey

Quartersawn Sycamore - Dark Oak Quartersawn Sycamore - Odie's Dark Quarter Sawn Sycamore - Odie's Oil Quartersawn Sycamore - Biscuit Quarter Sawn Sycamore - Osmo White
Dark Oak Odie's Dark Odie's Oil Biscuit Osmo White

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